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Ten Reasons to Join CAPA (Cathedral Area Preservation Assocation)

1.)  CAPA helps to preserve the single-family integrity of the neighborhood through advocacy of downzoning.  We strive to educate the community about historic preservation and the value of old homes and established neighborhoods.

2.  For over 20 years, CAPA has showcased the neighborhood through our annual "This Olde Housewalk" which brings thousands of admiring visitors from around Joliet and the collar counties to the Cathedral Area.  Plan to attend the Housewalk held every other year in September.

3.  CAPA helps increase your home's resale value.  CAPA promotes the Cathedral Area whenever we find an opportunity to market it.  Thanks to the hard work of homeowners, the Cathedral Area has shown a 75% appreciation in property values since 1990.

4.  CAPA collaborates with City officials to enhance our neighborhood.  Several CAPA members serve on various City boards and committees to represent our neighborhood and volunteer their expertise. CAPA has worked with the City in the past to enhance the neighborhood with street improvements, historic lighting, signage and artwork.

5.  CAPA celebrates and values our historic neighborhood schools, like Farragut Elementary School, the Cathedral of St. Raymond School and the University of St. Francis.  We partner with these institutions whenver possible to benefit the neighborhood and the students these schools serve.  CAPA also presents a $1,000 scholarship to a USF student each year.

6.  CAPA helps keep members and residents in touch with what is happening in the neighborhood.  CAPA publishes newsletters, neighborhood news updates, a resource directory, informational brochures, and also sponsors a website and very active e-mail Listserv.

7.  CAPA sponsors a variety of social events, open meetings, garage sales, and other activities annually.

8.  CAPA members are advocates who work to enhance and maintain our neighborhood.  CAPA members have partnered with City officials and the Historic Preservation Commission to designate part of our neighborhood a National Historic District and numerous properties as Joliet landmarks.

9.  CAPA helps keep the neighborhood safe.  Block captains and other members work to ensure the safety our neighborhood, alsways remaining in contact with our neighborhood police officer, who attends monthly meetings and CAPA events.

10.  CAPA creates community.  In the aftermath of the Joliet tornado of 2004, CAPA mobilized its membership who volunteered many hours of time to assist neighbors and work with City officials.  CAPA helped homeowners tackle insurance problems, plant more trees and find reputable trades people to rebuild.

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