Previous Award Recipients
1999 –  Barbara Newbery, City Planner, City of Joliet
2000 – Russ + Carlson Architecture
2001 – Mayor Arthur Schultz & the  City of Joliet
2002 – The Pritz Family of Joliet
2003 – Robert Nachtrieb & Lisa Dorothy
2004 – David Hendrix  (Postthumously)
2005 – Bird Haven Green House &  Conservatory
2006 – Vintage Ventures & Thomas Mulvey
2007 – Founding CAPA Board members (1981)
2008 – P. Seth Magosky (Postthumously)
2009 - The Voyager Group, Ltd. 

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​Annual Local Preservation Award 

The P. Seth Magosky Historic Preservation Award 

The Cathedral Area Preservation Association Local Preservation Award honors individuals, institutions and organizations that have affected outstanding preservation projects, exceptional preservation advocacy, and effective and innovative public policy leadership in preservation planning and programs in the City of Joliet and in the historic Cathedral Area.

Nomination Criteria

The Nominee must…
 - be a resident of Joliet (preferably residing in, but not limited to, the Cathedral Area);
 - support the mission of CAPA as demonstrated through the nominee’s preservation activities;
 - must have played a significant role in an outstanding preservation project in Joliet or within the Cathedral Area.
 - exhibit exceptional preservation advocacy through personal achievement or a preservation outreach program
 - initiated innovative public policy leadership in preservation planning

Judging Criteria

Nominations may be submitted by any individual or group. Final selection of the recipient(s) is made by the CAPA Board of Directors. The nominated individual(s) will be judged on the following criteria:
 - impact of the nominee’s project or work on the community
 - degree to which the nominee’s project
 - or,work serves as an example of excellence in historic preservation in Joliet and/or the Cathedral Area.